Searching for a School

Searching for a School?

We understand how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy and exceptional school for your child. To assist you we have identified some of strengths that set us apart.

Instruction in God's Word

Christian truths and values are a key part of our school curriculum.


Multi-grade classrooms provide a more a instructional setting that is better suited to the individual student. Click on the picture for videos to learn more.



We believe that it is beneficial for each student if there is strong communication between the parents and the teacher.


Safe Social Climate

We provide a safe setting with few discipline and bully problems where students can focus on the instruction and enjoy going to school


Family Environment

With our teacher to student ratio and small class sizes, your child will feel right at home.


Active Students

Recess provides valuable time for students to give their brain a rest, opportunities to work on social and problem-solving skills, and time for exercise and free play using their imagination and creativity. Plain and simple – we unapologetically love recess!