“We were very concerned that we would be unable to find a Christian alternative that was affordable and would give them an excellent education.  From the first day we observed classes, we were delighted and impressed with this school.  Our children have flourished and have not lost their childlike innocence as so many of their publicly educated peers have.  We strongly recommend like-minded parents to consider this school.”

“Shepherd of the Hills provides highly experienced Principals and teachers who are able to commit time on an individual basis when required. The small classes also allow children to become much closer to each other than they might in a larger school.  In addition the mixed grades in a single class offers several tangible benefits.  For the younger children they have peers to look up to and get to witness advanced coursework of those older children multiple times during their years of enrollment at Shepherd of the Hills.  For the older children they get the ability to exercise mature leadership skills on the younger children in their class, whether it be school work, arts or sports.  No child is lost in the fog of education at Shepherd of the Hills. Each has the ability to participate in all the arts, sports and other events offered.”

“Our children absolutely love attending Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School. It is vividly displayed in their eyes and attitude.  They get up before we do on school days in joyous anticipation and at the end of the day we have to drag them home because they don’t want to leave!  They have been enriched by the Christian education offered at this school and their confidence and maturity are a testament to this.”

“I am so thankful for SOTH Lutheran School . . . The education is superb, and it is evident the teachers value the children. I’m thankful that God’s Word is central to everything done at SOTH Lutheran School.

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School is important to our family because of its Christian focus on education. Now some may focus on the Christian aspect only, and that indeed is of primary importance in light of today’s downward spiral of morality.  But there is also the quality Christian education embedded in the fabric of all the coursework, whether it be math, science, history or English.  Interactions between children is always encouraged in a Christian manner, and when discipline is necessary, that too is handled in a Christian way.”

They (teachers) have dedicated their lives to teaching little ones about their Savior.   . . . the teachers give loving attention and extensive instruction to individual students.  They are creative in their teaching efforts and are dedicated to improving their methods as educators.  Our Loving Lord has blessed us with children and has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to provide them with a Christian education.”