The curriculum consists of subject areas commonly taught at the elementary and middle school level and would fall in line with a traditional curriculum.  We are not bound to Common Core standards, but instead study different standards to compile student learning targets for each grade in each of the following subjects.

Word of God

Students learn lessons from the Bible, study commandments and Christian creeds, sing songs of praise, and memorize verses from Scripture.


Students learn general mathematics in all areas of the subject.  Eighth grade students that are advanced in math may take a high school level Algebra class.

Language Arts

Reading, Phonics, Writing, Classifying sentences, Spelling, and Vocabulary will be taught.


Students will learn scientific concepts in life, earth, and physical science.  They will also learn to ask questions and use the scientific process and engineering process to solve problems.

Social Studies

Students will learn general social studies, American history, California history, and World history.

Physical Education

Students will learn about healthy living and lifestyle, movement, fitness, sports, and games.

The Arts

The students will learn about music, music theory, and playing instruments through tone chimes.  There is an option for students to take music lessons in piano, flute, and violin.

The students will also learn about art techniques and art history.