1.     Do we have to members of the church to enroll in the school?

No, the purpose or mission of the school is to offer Christian education for families within our community. Families that are members of our
church and families that belong to a different church or do no have a church home take advantage of the education that we offer.  

2.  Do students have to wear uniforms?

We do not have a uniform policy that require students to wear uniforms.  We have a very basic dress code that follows common sense for attire.  

3. What are multi-grade classrooms?

Multi-grade classrooms have more than one grade level in the classroom. For example, our lower grade classroom has a combination of grade kindergarten through third grade in the same room.  If you would like to learn more about this unique setting and its benefits, take a look at our videos.

4. Do you follow Common Core Standards?

As we are a private school, we are not required to follow Common Core standards.  We continually study standards to create exit goals or standards for students in each grade and in each subject.  We have a combination of content, skills, and problem solving standards.

5. Where do your students go to high school?

We have an association high school in the Temecula area called California Lutheran High School, but our students go on to attend a number of different high schools from private to public.

6. What type of schedule do you follow?

We have a traditional calendar year that starts at the end of August and finishes up at the start of June.  Our school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:00.