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Allan Pinkerton – Does the name ring a bell?  Unless you are a historian or just a lover of American history you probably don’t recognize this name.  Started the secret service, stopped an assassination plot against Lincoln on his way to his inauguration, led a network of espionage to aid the Union during the Civil War, are a small sample of his accomplishments.  This non-fiction book tells the tale of one of America’s most fascinating men during the 19th and 20th century.  The first part of this selection will highlight his espionage work during the Civil War and the start of his private investigation firm that eventually became a national program. The second half focuses his work as an outlaw hunter.  The use of trains was exploding during this era, along with the rise of outlaws that tried to rob these trains. Pinkerton Detective Agency hunted down some of the most notorious criminals including the Reno gang and Jesse James.

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