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Over the next couple weeks, I will sharing my philosophy on on how to help my students become better readers.  My philosophy is an acronym using the word ELECTRIC.  I want reading to be ELECTRIC for my students.

#1 – I want Reading to be Enjoyable and Engaging.  We all know that if there is something that we don’t particularly like to do, we will avoid it whenever we can, and find something else to take its place.  For some students, reading is not enjoyable for various reasons.  It is up to me as a teacher, to engage with the students and find out the road block.  For some, it may be they haven’t found books that they enjoy.  For others, it may be that they struggle with fluency, so they need easier books before they can work up to more difficult books.  One big difference is how the teacher portrays Reading.  All of my students know that I love to read, and I want to share that joy that can come from reading with my students.  Throughout the other philosophies, you will see that they all tie to this one goal because if students enjoy reading, they will achaten-suisse.com never want to stop.

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