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Motivation is one of the most difficult parts of teaching.  I want the students to be engaged in the concept and motivated to do well and want to improve.  But how?  For helping students read, research says that the number one motivating factor for helping students continue to read is allow them to have choice.  Let them decide what they want to read.

In our classrooms, students have time for independent reading where they have choice in what they read.  As teachers, we work with them to help them make the correct choices in terms of levels of difficulty in reading and coaxing them to try different genres and authors.  I have done away with forcing students to read certain novels together, but have turned more to a Literature Circle format where the group decides, and wow, does it make a difference in their interest in reading.

As the students are motivated, they they can practice skills and better their comprehension and fluency, which lead to better readers and hopefully, life-long readers.

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