School Strengths

God's Word

Students are taught God’s Word in its truth and purity through daily Bible lessons, hymns, and throughout our curriculum.

Individualized Instruction

Low teacher to student ratio and a multi-grade setting that allows teachers to focus on student’s strengths and individualize instruction for student’s weaknesses.


We believe that it is beneficial for each student if there is good communication between the parents and teacher. We continually communicate with our families through many means and are always available to talk whether face to face, email, phone, or text..

Safe Social Climate

Safe setting with few discipline and bully problems. Students who have experienced problems with bullies at other schools have had a successful transition to Shepherd of the Hills.  Our classroom set-up allows students to work on different roles in the classroom along with increased acceptance of student differences.

Small School Success

“Over the last fifteen years, researchers have concluded that smaller schools provide many benefits— achievement, attendance, graduation rates, and behavior all tend to be better in small schools.”
Smaller, Safer, Saner Successful Schools – Research on Small Schools and Shared Facilities – University of Minnesota