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Title:  This Side of Wild

Author: Gary Paulsen

Genre: Non-Fiction / Animals

Grade Level: 5th-8th grade

Summary:  Our beloved adventure/survivalist author of Hatchet and Dogsong is back with this nonfiction novel to share how his interactions with animals changed his life.  This short 118-page book has only five chapters, but each one has a very different narrative in the life of Paulsen.  There are unique stories like one of a poodle that became his protector when he decided to move to Alaska and was always watching his back even when bears happen to be present.  Or a dog that became his listener during his time at atomic bomb school. My personal favorite was his recollection of the birds and the bees attacking an over-crowded rest stop. This Side of the Wild shares a look into his uncommon interactions with animals and helps the reader find and rekindle a love of animals.

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