Welcome Back

II pray that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas  and New Years, and that the students enjoyed their break.  I also want to thank everyone on behalf of the faculty for any Christmas gifts that were given.  We are all thankful for our SOTH family.  Finally,  just a quick reminder that as we head back into the swing of things, to keep students home if they are sick and showing symptoms.   

Piano Lessons

Mrs. Jones will be helping with subbing in the mornings next week, so piano lessons will start back up the week of January 17th.  


Upcoming Dates

Jan 6th  – Basketball Practice

Jan 14th – Baksetball games at Reformation (San Diego)

Jan 17th – No School for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 21 – Basketball games at California Lutheran High School (Temecula)


Basketball Update

This week, there will be one practice on Thursday after school from 3:00 – 4:30.  Also, we have our first set of basketball games scheduled for Jan. 14th at Reformation Lutheran School which is located in San Diego.  The girls will be playing at 2:00 and 6:00, and the boys will be playing at 5:00.  The next set of games is the following Friday, January 21, at California Lutheran High School in Temecula.  Keep an eye out for more information regarding basketball from Mrs. Vogel.